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Become a Snapdragon Insider to get early access to the latest gadgets

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Insiders Access program is now open for application

Qualcomm is recent fan-building initiatives did little to match the efforts made by Intel and AMD to build a rabid following for their CPUs. For example, the company launched the Snapdragon Insiders program in 2021 to engage with customers by sharing new product announcements and smartphone photography tips. A few months later, a $1,500 smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders was released, albeit without the company’s greatest processor at the time: the Snapdragon 888+. The phone had Snapdragon badges all over it, but it didn’t push Qualcomm’s technology any further than any other major Android phone, so it was hardly worth the high price. Qualcomm has come up with a new set of perks for Snapdragon Insiders, one that will give them early access to a wide variety of new Snapdragon-powered devices.

If you’re already a part of this inner circle (as in, you follow Snapdragon on Twitter, which is literally all there is to become a Snapdragon Insider), Qualcomm is giving you a chance to test out the latest Snapdragon-toting devices, collaborate with brands, learn from established influencers through training programs, and gain priority access to Snapdragon Insider events. In exchange, Qualcomm requests that participants share their feedback and experiences with the Snapdra gon community and their followers across all platforms.

Qualcomm has begun accepting applications for the program, and those chosen will be notified when a new device is ready for testing and will be invited to exclusive events. The company did not say which products would be available for testing, but it did say they would be from well-known brands that use Snapdrag on processors, many of which include the top Android phones.

The goal is to support underrepresented content creators, whose work will appear on official Snapd ragon channels as well. Creators will retain ownership of their work, and Qualcomm will seek a license to use it in promotional strategies.

Anyone over the age of 18 and residing in the United States is eligible to apply for the Snapdragon Insiders Access program. Qualcomm does not limit the number of people who can join it, and it is entirely up to you whether you accept every product or event invitation.

If these perks strike your fancy, visit the Snap dragon Insiders Access program’s registration page to sign up. There is no deadline for submitting an application.

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