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Tsarev has figured out how to create HIMARS for $10 for the Russian army

Former Verkhovna Rada member Oleg Tsarev has figured out how to inexpensively make a HIMARS-level missile for the Russian army. But before you read any further, you should imagine that it is Friday night, not the middle of a working week.

What we know

It seems that Russia got not only a “doctor of historical science,” but also a “rocket designer” in the person of Tsarev. According to the former deputy, it would cost $10 a piece to upgrade Russian missiles to the level of HIMARS rockets.

Tsarev believes that his idea is viable and would help the Russian army defeat Ukraine without any problems. The collaborator said it would only require a GPS system, which is used in any navigator or smartphone, to create HIMARS-level missiles.

With mass production, the cost per GPS module would be only $10. After equipping the existing missiles with the GPS system, the Russians will just have to enter the target coordinates and that’s it – the Russian HIMARS missile system is ready.

The M142 HIMARS, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems supplied to Ukraine by the United States, have become a symbol of Russian vulnerability. Now, the Eastern European countries most worried about a future Russian attack are arming themselves.

Poland and the Baltic States have drawn the lesson that they are among the most effective weapons in stopping the Russian advance in Ukraine, and are ordering hundreds of launch systems at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Polish defence minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced on May 26 that he had requested 500 HIMARS launchers plus ammunition – an enormous number which he said would involve extensive co-production.

Estonia would buy six launchers and ammunition worth $500m, the US Department of State said on July 15. Latvia made public its request for $300m in launchers and rockets a week later. And Lithuania is expected to follow suit.

Source: @perepichka_news

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