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Apple iPhones can now take 48 MP photos with Camera+ 2 before 48 MP camera arrives in iPhone 14 Pro refresh

Third-party camera app Camera+ 2 has made it possible to produce 48 MP images on iOS even without the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max. LateNiteSoft has increased the cost of the app going forwards, as well as introducing a subscription-based model.

On the one hand, the developer has included UltraRes, a feature that allows people to upscale standard 12 MP photos to 48 MP. Coincidentally, 48 MP is the same resolution that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max should be capable of shooting natively. According to LateNiteSoft, its UltraRes feature utilises a machine learning algorithm that it has fed millions of photos.

As a result, the developer claims that UltraRes photos should remain as sharp as native 12 MP ones, even at full resolution. Moreover, you can apply the developer’s UltraRes algorithm to existing photos, albeit only with recent iOS and iPadOS devices. Specifically, LateNiteSoft allows the iPhone 119th Gen iPadiPad mini 6 and 3rd Gen iPad Pro or newer to use UltraRes.

Incidentally, LateNiteSoft has revised the UI with Camera+ 22, particularly for larger display devices. On the other hand, the developer has adopted a subscription model, which starts at US$3.99 per month. Alternatively, you can purchase an annual subscription for US$17.99 and a lifetime one for US$24.99. Thankfully, LateNiteSoft is not forcing existing users to upgrade to its subscription model. Camera+ 22 is available to download now on iOS, iPadOS and watchOS.

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